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The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited (“SCCA”), in collaboration with NOVA8, is pleased to announce a new social initiative, “PIER”. The programme aims to empower young or transitioning lawyers (PIER Counsel) to provide legal support services to Participating Organisations on a heavily subsidised basis. PIER Counsel with little or no prior relevant experience may be supported by PIER Mentors, comprised of experienced counsel with in-house or private practice experience.

PIER Counsel will have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause by providing Participating Organisations with the professional support that they need but may not otherwise be able to afford through traditional legal services.

PIER Counsel will also gain valuable hands-on experience through supporting the legal and compliance functions of Participating Organisations.

Who Can Participate?

PIER Counsel
Participating Organisations
PIER Mentors

If you are:

  • A law graduate seeking work experience;
  • A newly-qualified lawyer;
  • A lawyer looking to upskill or transition into a new sector;
  • A lawyer who is currently in transition; or
  • A legal consultant who is interested in supporting charitable, non-profit or social impact-focused organisations

We welcome you to apply to be a PIER Counsel. You must have a basic law degree from a recognised university and/or be admitted to a recognised Bar. Please also see the section below on “What are the expectations of a PIER Counsel?”

Where appropriate, PIER Counsel may be paired with a PIER Mentor for the purpose of providing services to a Participating Organisation.

Click here to apply to be a PIER Counsel.

If you are:

  • A charity, voluntary welfare organisation, non-governmental organisation or social impact-focused organisation or small or medium-sized enterprise; or
  • A member organisation of SCCA and NTUC U Associate,

We welcome you to apply to be a Participating Organisation.

Click here to apply to be a Participating Organisation.

All selection and matching of PIER Counsel and Participating Organisations shall be subject to the approval of the PIER Committee. The PIER Committee reserve the right to reject any applications for any reason whatsoever.

If you are a Singapore-based:

  • Experienced private practice lawyer; or
  • Senior in-house counsel,

with at least 8 years of experience, and you are interested in mentoring law graduates/students or newly-qualified lawyers who are supporting charitable, non-profit or social impact-focused organisations, we welcome you to apply to be a PIER Mentor. You must be admitted to a recognised Bar.

Click here to apply to be a PIER Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PIER work?

PIER Counsel will be paired with a relevant Participating Organisation for an agreed term. Depending on your level of experience or qualification, you may be paired with a PIER Mentor who can provide professional guidance.

PIER Counsel will support the Participating Organisation as in-house legal counsel and assist with supporting the day-to-day legal and compliance functions of the Participating Organisation.* The scope of work will vary depending on the needs of the Participating Organisation but could include:

  • reviewing statutory registers and assisting with other corporate secretarial work
  • reviewing routine contracts (e.g. with vendors and service providers)
  • assisting with contracts management (e.g. archiving, updating and reviewing signed contracts for compliance), and providing any other in-house legal support required.

The engagement may be extended subject to mutually agreed terms.

*Each engagement will be subject to terms to be agreed between NOVA8 and each of the relevant Participating Organisation and PIER Counsel.

What are the expectations of a PIER Counsel?

Before applying to be a PIER Counsel, please refer to the requirements in the section above on “Who can participate?”

If you qualify and are accepted as a PIER Counsel:

  • PIER Counsel will be eligible for free Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited and NTUC U Associate membership for the first year.
  • As a member of the SCCA, you must adopt its Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct for In-house Counsel.
  • You must take the following pledges:
    · SCCA’s Diversity & Inclusion Pledge
    · SCCA’s Pro Bono Pledge
  • A general briefing on how to conduct yourself as an in-house counsel will also be held to orientate you for the job.
What are the benefits of being a PIER Counsel?

PIER Counsel will be eligible for free Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited and NTUC U Associate membership for the first year.

All PIER Counsel can benefit from networking opportunities with Participating Organisations and SCCA members, which include in-house counsel from a diverse range of industries.

You may cite your work experience with PIER as a credential in the future. SCCA may also provide a testimonial after completion of your stint with your assigned Participating Organisation.


PIER Counsel may be paid fees or a stipend (which could range from S$800 – S$1,800), such fees or stipend to be agreed with the Participating Organisation and NOVA8. Fees may vary depending on several factors, including the nature of the assignment, the support being provided and the level of experience of the PIER Counsel.

About SCCA

Singapore Counsel Corporate Association Limited is committed to provide the support and elevation to the needs of in-house lawyers around the world through its close-knit global alliances. With an ever-growing membership and connections, it prides in building reputable training programs, conversations, toolkits, competency frameworks and skills required by domestic and regional corporate lawyers.


NOVA8 is an innovative technology and data-driven Alternative Legal Services Provider run by an international team of legally trained professionals and management consultants.

NOVA8 helps organisations stay nimble and succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace by providing on-demand and flexible access to a range of legal-related support and staffing solutions that are cost-effective and tailored according to each organisation’s needs without compromising on quality.

NOVA8 is not (and does not hold itself out to be) a law practice or a law firm, whether under applicable Singapore legislation or otherwise, and neither NOVA8 nor any of its employees and contractors, shareholders, directors, officers, agents and personnel (“NOVA8 personnel”): (i) provides or holds itself out to provide legal advice/services or legal representation; or (ii) conducts any activities as a law practice or legal practitioner. You must consult a qualified legal practitioner or appropriate law practice/law firm if you require any such advice on Singapore or foreign law or legal representation. In the event that you require formal legal advice or representation from a law firm, NOVA8 would be happy to put you in touch with one of its relationship law firms, who should be able to assist with the same.

Any services provided by NOVA8, any NOVA8 personnel and/or any PIER Counsel shall be subject to NOVA8’s Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries in relation to the above, please feel free to contact us at