Charities, NGOs,
Community Centres and other organisations in the not-for-profit sector


Niche high-impact organisations addressing
important global issues


SMEs, especially
those facing challenges due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19

For Lawyers

How do I get started?

Please sign-up using the form below, providing as much detail as you can about your background and availability, which will enable us to be more effective in matching you to relevant opportunities.

We will contact you directly when we have opportunities that are likely to be a good match for you.

What skills are you looking for?

General corporate / corporate commercial skills tend to be in highest demand, however there may also be a need for other areas of experience, including employment, data protection and other sector specific expertise. Most important are transferable skill sets particularly relevant for lawyers, including: critical thinking; attention to detail; and business acumen.

When completing the sign-up form, please select the practice areas in which you feel comfortable working with minimal support and also specify those in which you are interested, but have less experience.

How experienced do I need to be?

There are opportunities for lawyers of all levels of experience, however if you have fewer than 2 years’ PQE, it may take a bit longer to find appropriate opportunities – unless you are paired with a more experienced lawyer.

How much time do I need to have available?

There is no minimum time commitment required, though you are likely to get access to more interesting opportunities if you are able to commit to 5 hours a month or more. Our platform takes into account each individual’s availability when matching them to possible opportunities.

Can I choose what I work on?

Yes, once we have identified an opportunity that matches your profile and interests, we will contact you with more details in order to understand whether or not you would be keen to be put forward.

For Organisations

How do I get started?

Please sign-up using the form below, providing as much detail as you can about your organisation and your legal needs.

We will then contact you directly in order to have a discussion about appropriate solutions.

What support do you offer?

Our range of options include:

  • Traditional pro bono support (for organisations in the non-profit sector)
  • Subsidised legal resourcing on an hourly, daily or monthly basis
  • Jobs board and low-cost recruiting for permanent legal staff
Am I eligible for support?

Our pro bono and subsidised support options are targeted specifically at:

  • Charities, NGOS and other non-profit entities
  • Niche, high-impact organisations in the Social Impact sector
  • SMEs, especially those facing challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic (Impacted SMEs)

Even if you do not fall into one of the above categories, we can help you to explore other low cost legal staffing solutions.

Will I have to pay?

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, you are likely to qualify for pro bono support, and our platform can help to match you to lawyers who are able to work on this basis.

Our solutions will be provided on a subsidised basis for Impacted SMEs.

Can I choose who supports me?

Yes, once we have identified lawyers with the right profile and availability based on your requirements, we will present you with a shortlist of options (where possible), from which you can choose.

For any additional questions, please contact