Strategic vision

Build your LegalTech and Innovation strategy in conjunction with our multi-disciplinary team

Bespoke solutions

Capabilities and process transformation integrated with the latest LegalTech products


End-to-end support for customisation, testing and implementation of your chosen solutions


Structured approach to prioritising investments, based on business needs

Our multi-disciplinary team combines extensive legal operations, technology consulting and management consulting experience to help design a strategy that will empower your legal team with the latest and greatest in LegalTech, optimise workflows and enable automation, all whilst maintaining alignment with business priorities.

Solution design and product recommendations

Feeling confused by the plethora of LegalTech solutions out there and struggling to work out what will really be helpful for your team in practice?
Our team of consultants and lawyers are constantly tracking and testing the latest LegalTech and can help provide an independent assessment of your specific needs and help you understand what’s really hot – and what’s not.

Collaborative and multi-disciplinary project team

Once your LegalTech and Innovation strategies are clear, sit back and let our multi-disciplinary team help with customisation, testing and implementation of your chosen solutions. Our international team of technology consultants will be on hand for any ongoing support you need post-implementation and for as long a transitionary period as required.