What makes NOVA8 different from other ALSPs?

NOVA8 is an innovative Alternative Legal Service provider harnessing the power of technology and data to build progressive solutions in the legal industry.

Key differentiators from our competitors are:

  • Focus on quality – having worked in and with leading international law firms, banks, MNCs and tech giants for over 30 years in aggregate, our management team understand the importance of delivering quality services that can be relied on by our clients day in, day out. Our rigorous screening and quality control processes are second to none and are just one means through which we strive to ensure we always deliver on time and on target.
  • Technology and data-driven – our multi-disciplinary team combine extensive technology, legal and management consulting experience to help design holistic solutions (utilising the latest and greatest in LegalTech) that will maximise efficiencies and deliver optimal solutions, in line with our clients’ business priorities and preferences.
  • Tailored solutions – as every business is different, we invest time in understanding the specific requirements of a team and the pressures it is facing, so that we are able to deliver a service tailored to your specific circumstances and preferences, without compromising on quality. Building relationships for the long term and investing in understanding the detail always makes a difference.
What are the different services available to clients?

We provide services to legal teams across three core segments:

  • Staffing Solutions;
  • Innovation & LegalTech consulting; and
  • Traditional legal services.*

Within Staffing Solutions, clients can choose from three distinct models:

  • Flex6 – Traditional secondments, on-site or remote, for periods of 6-months+, enabling you to flex-up your team without taking on permanent headcount.
  • Calibr8 – Completely flexible resourcing, from 1 hour up to 6 months, giving you full control over how you buy time and enabling you to better calibrate your spend, with no minimum commitment required.
  • Source-1 – Specialist headhunting for identifying the right talent for a particular full-time legal role.

*Traditional legal services provided by N8 Law LLC, a limited liability law corporation registered in Singapore under Company Registration No. 202035646H (“N8 Law”). N8 Law is a Singapore Law Practice that: (i) is authorised and regulated by the Legal Services Regulatory Authority; (ii) provides only legal services; and (iii) is managed independently of NOVA8 Pte. Ltd. and all other entities operating under the NOVA8 brand.

Please reach out to start@nova8.co if you would like further information.

Why would I use NOVA8 instead of a law firm?

NOVA8 provides a broader range of services than a traditional law firm (including contract-based legal staffing solutions, professional project management, contracts management and consulting services) all designed specifically to address the challenges of in-house legal teams. We understand the pressures you are facing and the need to do more with less.

NOVA8 is not a law firm (and as such, we do not provide formal legal advice or representation) but can still help you access Big Law talent at a much lower price point – all without compromising on quality. Our consultants can provide valuable, on-demand legal support to your business based on their training and experience and help you manage legal-related risks and issues. Our value-driven pricing and flexible fee models also mean that you can rest assured that budgetary requirements will be adhered to, whilst simultaneously maximising the level and quality of support available.

Should you require formal law firm support (more in line with traditional legal offerings from leading international law firms), this can be provided through our relationship with N8 Law. We are also able to work together with other law firm(s) of your choice, should that be preferred.


How does NOVA8 select its consultants?

NOVA8 uses strict quality control processes, including sector-specific technical tests, rigorous screening procedures (including in relation to soft skills) and interviews conducted by experienced international lawyers. The vast majority of NOVA8 consultants come from top tier private practice and/or in-house backgrounds and they are only accepted onto our panel if their skills, expertise and experience meet our exacting standards.

How does pricing work?

Each consultant is priced to reflect their level of experience, sector expertise and ability to add value to your business (PQE is used only as a guide in regard to level of experience), allowing you to choose the person who best fits your requirements.

  • Secondments are priced based on a flat monthly rate (or daily rate, if preferred).
  • Flexible support is priced based on hourly rates, which may be linked to a retainer model. The more commitment upfront, the lower the hourly rates provided will be.
  • Headhunting services are provided in line with standard industry fees/rates.

Standard terms and conditions apply in relation to each category of support.

What areas of law do your consultants specialise in?

Our consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds and are qualified in various jurisdictions. Areas of our consultants’ expertise include:

  • Corporate (Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Strategic Investments)
  • Restructuring and Corporate Insolvency
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Equity and Debt Capital Markets
  • Corporate Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (US, EU, UK, APAC)
  • Banking and Project Finance
  • Energy, Infrastructure and Projects
  • Corporate Crime and Investigations
  • International Arbitration / Dispute Resolution
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Data Protection
  • Employment
  • Tax


What clients have you worked with?

NOVA8’s clients include a broad range of multinational corporations (across a variety of sectors), international banking groups, technology giants, tech unicorns and high-growth startups.

What countries do you cover?

We have an international network of consultants in multiple jurisdictions (primarily across APAC – including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand – and the UK).

Jurisdictions in which our consultants are qualified include Singapore, England and Wales, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada and various states in the US and Australia.

How has NOVA8 supported in-house teams in the past?

Examples of previous projects include:

  • Supporting the legal team of a Fortune 500 global financial services company and its offices across Asia, the Middle East and Africa on day-to-day operations and projects.
  • Contracts management for a premier multi-national resort developer and operator headquartered in the US and with global operations.
  • Supporting the capital markets team of an international bank with total assets of nearly US$700 billion worldwide.
  • Project management of a strategic Wealth Management IT project for a leading European bank with offices across Europe and Asia.
  • Supporting the IT legal department of an international bank on its day-to-day operations and strategic global projects.
  • Supporting the legal department of a leading US Tech company on day-to-day operations and projects.
How does engaging a consultant work from a contractual perspective?

NOVA8 provides contract-based (in-house style) legal staffing solutions and consultancy services, equipping you with trusted resources, without the internal staffing headaches or long-term costs of a full-time, in-house team.

NOVA8 engages the consultant directly and manages their HR support, payroll and benefits, whilst also providing access for the consultant to useful tools, know-how and other resources.

You contract only with NOVA8 and are responsible for the fees and commitments made under that single contract, which will include supervising and managing the consultant in line with your internal requirements (unless otherwise agreed).

How does the process work if I would like to engage NOVA8's services?

The process is generally very straightforward and can be completed in as little as 48 hours. As a broad overview it involves:

  • Understanding your needs and specific requirements;
  • Agreeing the best solution(s) for you;
  • Getting relevant engagement terms agreed and signed;
  • Selecting one or more appropriate consultants; and
  • Your consultant(s) commencing work.
On Assignment – What can I Expect?

Once a consultant has started, they can operate as an extension of your team and can generally be managed accordingly. Prior to starting, we will agree with you the logistics around where the consultant’s place of work will be (whether remote or at your offices) and any other important practical matters.

Often our clients will run an induction for consultants so that they are aligned with how your business works. NOVA8 will also conduct preparatory briefings with the consultant and onboarding (which may include granting access to relevant know-how) specific to the client’s business/sector, and we will be there to support with anything that you and the consultant may need along the way, as the consultant settles into the role.

What tools do I need to provide to the consultant?

You can choose what tools to provide to the consultant, whether this be a company email address and/or laptop for them to use during their assignment. All of our consultants can be provided with a NOVA8 email address and access to NOVA8 infrastructure, if required.

If there are any particular internal policies, procedures or business specific tools you need a consultant to be aware of prior to their start date, we will seek to address the same prior to commencement of the relevant assignment.

What support does NOVA8 provide to its consultants while on assignment?

NOVA8 is backed by a team of legal professionals who are qualified in a number of jurisdictions and have extensive experience, having worked in Magic Circle and other leading law firms for over 20 years in aggregate. Our consultants are able to tap on these expertise (where required and/or permitted by the client) in relation to discrete tasks. This support, as well as access to certain NOVA8 technology and tools (that can help create notable efficiencies) are provided without charge to the client.

What happens if a consultant leaves or I don’t feel the consultant is the right fit for the assignment?

Occasionally these things happen despite the best efforts and intentions of all involved. If one of these situations does arise, we will work with you to find an appropriate replacement consultant that is the right fit for your team and provide temporary cover (if helpful) during any interim period.