Background / Introduction

Who is NOVA8?

We are an innovative, technology and data-driven Alternative Legal Services Provider that connects talented legal professionals with businesses to fulfill their legal support needs.

We empower lawyers to carve out a career path filled with purpose, and we believe in cultivating and supporting an inclusive community of diverse individuals and giving them the tools they need to succeed on their own terms.

What are the different sorts of opportunities that NOVA8 offers?

We offer the opportunity to have a working arrangement that best suits your lifestyle and priorities, including permanent, project-based and part-time roles. Whether you’re a parent looking for a more flexible work schedule, a lawyer wishing to transition from private practice to in-house or someone who wants more time to pursue other hobbies or interests, we will work with you to find an arrangement that aligns with your goals.

We work with a broad range of clients including multinational corporations, international banking groups, technology giants, tech unicorns, and high-growth startups, giving you the opportunity gain access to a variety of roles across a range of sectors.

In which countries does NOVA8 operate?

NOVA8 is headquartered in Singapore, with clients based around the APAC region and an international network of consultants located in multiple jurisdictions.

How does NOVA8 differ from other ALSPs?

i. We believe a successful matching process should start by understanding the aspirations and priorities of each of our candidates, enabling us to ensure that each placement meets the needs of both client and consultant alike;

ii. We offer resources and opportunities for consultants who are looking to gain skills and experience in a new field and broaden their horizons, and we have assisted many lawyers in their transitions – either from private practice into in-house roles or from one sector into another – with a range of companies, from global tech giants through to exciting, high-growth startups;

iii. When on assignment, you will have access to support and relevant know-how so that you are able to put your best foot forward and are well-equipped to succeed in the role;

iv. We understand that for many, contract roles are a stepping stone to a permanent position, and we will structure a path around you to help you achieve your longer-term goal; and

v. Our established network means we are able to generate for our consultants a consistent flow of interesting international opportunities with leading global businesses of today and the market leaders of tomorrow.

What are the different flexible working models that NOVA8 offers?
Our two key flexible working models are:
i. Flex6 – offering more traditional full-time or part-time secondments; and
ii. Calibr8 – flexible hourly-rated work, which may range from a few hours of ad hoc work, through to more substantial retainer arrangements with specific clients.
What is the link between Prolegis Services and NOVA8?

NOVA8 is the new brand under which the Prolegis Services group has operated since December 2019.

Does NOVA8 only specialise in legal recruitment or headhunting?

No, NOVA8 is an Alternative Legal Services Provider, and we offer both flexible and permanent legal staffing solutions to in-house and private practice teams.

If I am interested in considering joining NOVA8, can I talk to someone before applying?

Of course! Our friendly team would be happy to have a chat with you to discuss your options in more detail.


What is the onboarding process to join NOVA8’s international pool of lawyers?

The initial onboarding process is relatively straightforward and requires you to:

  • Have a brief discussion with one of our recruiting team to help us understand your background, experience, and preferences; and
  • Complete an online assessment (usually in the form of a technical case study).
Both of these steps are essential for us to be able to match you with opportunities that would be a good fit based on your profile and priorities.
Should you subsequently be placed on assignment, there will be some additional steps in the process, including:
  • Potentially one or more additional interviews with one of our team, or with a partner at one of the international law firms with which we collaborate, depending on the client relationship;
  • Providing us with some references;
  • Receiving an acceptance email from us with relevant contractual materials (this will vary depending on the engagement model required for you); and
  • Starting your assignment!
What is the purpose of the technical case study?

The technical case study gives us (and you) a distinct competitive advantage as it creates a heightened level of trust with our clients and enables us to put our consultants forward in a stronger light.

This is a key aspect of our process which enables us to source a much wider range of interesting opportunities and place consultants on secondments through a number of international law firms with which we work closely.

Do I need a current practising certificate to sign on with NOVA8?

No, this is not generally necessary, unless there is a specific requirement from the client for you to have a current practising certificate. NOVA8 is in the business of providing staffing solutions, professional project management, contracts management, and consulting services. NOVA8 is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.


Will I need to work exclusively with NOVA8?

We do not require you to work with us on an exclusive basis, and we understand that you may find other sources of income.

However, we would need to discuss any other commitments that you might have to ensure that these do not give rise to any conflicts with any assignment that you secure through us.

If I have signed a contract with another ALSP, is it mandatory to terminate my existing contract in order to start working with NOVA8?

No, we do not require you to terminate your existing contracts with other ALSPs, if any (though you will need to ensure that you are not in breach of the terms of your existing contracts). As long as you keep us up to date with your availability and other commitments, we will work with you to find assignments that can work around any existing commitments you may have.

How will I be engaged by NOVA8?

How you are engaged will vary depending on a number of factors, including the scope of the work and the region in which you are located, and our team will discuss the options with you in more detail.

Will NOVA8 sponsor my visa application?

You will need to have the right to legally work in the country in which you are located. For consultants who require visa support, we will discuss your options with you in more detail on a case-by-case basis.

What is your notice period and what happens if I am offered a permanent role in the middle of a contract?

The notice period depends on your engagement model with us, as well as the nature of the assignment on which you are placed, and we will discuss and agree with you a reasonable notice period at the time of entering into any agreement.

Should you wish to continue searching for full-time roles while on assignment, we ask that you communicate with us early and often, so that we can discuss and agree on an appropriate course of action, should you be offered an opportunity elsewhere.

What happens at the end of a contract role?

If the contract is not extended by mutual agreement, then the next steps would depend on what you are seeking and the opportunities that are available at the time. If you are interested in follow-on roles, we will work with you to identify new assignments that are right for you.

Am I covered by NOVA8’s professional indemnity insurance?

Yes, if you are working on an assignment for NOVA8, you will be covered by our professional indemnity policy (provided the relevant rules and contractual obligations are complied with).

Remuneration and Benefits

Who will be managing and processing my pay?

NOVA8 will be responsible for processing your pay which will usually be paid in arrears at the beginning of the following month after you have submitted your timesheet.

How will I be paid, and how are the rates determined?

Depending on the type of assignment you will either be paid on a monthly, daily or hourly rate. For each assignment, our team will discuss and agree with you a rate that reflects your experience, skills and the market.

What other benefits will I receive?

NOVA8 has arrangements in place with several providers (including Doerscircle) giving you access to a range of benefits from time to time, which could include access to discounts from partner vendors, access to premium office space, low-cost insurance options, and healthcare and wellness benefits.