We are a future-focused, multidisciplinary team redefining the legal services industry. We make high-calibre, tailored and commercially-minded legal support accessible to businesses at all stages of development, using tech-enabled, data-driven processes to drive efficiency and value.

From high-growth start-ups at the beginning of their life cycle to MNCs and tech giants, we strive to be a trusted business partner, empowering our clients to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

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Discover a new world of legal opportunities with leading MNCs and high growth start-ups
Drive your career in a new direction, putting your priorities front and centre
Join our global legal talent network and discover a new world of opportunities
Find the right legal talent for your business whenever, wherever and however you need
Access BigLaw quality support, at a far lower price point
Enhance your value-add to the business by accessing innovative support models
Safa Zahedi
Chairman & Co-Founder
Safa serves as the Chairman of NOVA8 and is an internationally profiled corporate lawyer with over 14 years of experience with leading international law firms and in-house. He founded NOVA8 with the purpose of empowering talented lawyers to achieve success on their own terms and driving rapid change in the legal services industry through focus on innovation, technology and data science. Safa’s clients include a broad range of multinational corporations, technology giants and tech unicorns.
Simon Bedford
CEO & Co-Founder

Simon leads day-to-day operations and technology at NOVA8 and has over 14 years of international experience in business consulting, operations management and strategy development. Prior to joining NOVA8, Simon ran a boutique consulting firm serving multinational corporations, public sector clients and startups across North America. Simon graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Mathematics and subsequently gained notable experience focused on Data Science and Technology.